Annie Sloan Satin Paint Pure - 750 ml Tin

Sale price$48.95


Pure is perfect for modern interiors.  This clean, bright white Satin Paint colour makes a crisp contrast to strong hues.  

Item Specifications

Type                       Satin Paint
Color                      Pure (Bright White)
Sizes Available        750 ml Tin
Coverage Guide     118.4 sq ft

What is Satin Paint?

Annie Sloan Satin Paint is the paint you need for interior wood and metal. This hard-wearing, soft-sheen Satin Paint differs from Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan in that there is no need to apply Chalk Paint Wax or Chalk Paint Lacquer to protect and finish after painting. Annie Sloan Satin Paint is the quickest, easiest, and best way to upgrade doors, kitchen cabinets, skirting, millwork, bannisters, radiators and any other wooden or metallic surfaces inside your home. You can also use it to transform wooden or metal furniture with a crisp, contemporary finish. 

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