Z Wrap Eco Friendly Food Wrap - S/M/L 3 Pack

Color: Farmers Market
Sale price$22.95


Preserve your food, preserve our planet.  Reusable and versatile wraps for your food and containers that can be washed upwards of 100 times.  Wash with mild soap and leave to air dry.  Z Wraps have natural self-adhering properties to cover your leftovers with a superior seal.  Store your wrapped food in the fridge, pantry, on the counter or even in the freezer.

  • With this food wrap set alone, you could save over 3,000 plastic bags. 
  • Wrap cheese, half an avocado, lemon, a sandwich or leftover veggies. Seal up even big, bulky stuff like half a melon, or a pitcher of cold brewed coffee. 

Item Specifications

Material Type                  Cotton Fabric
Additional Materials        Organic Beeswax, Organic Jojoba Oil and Tree Resin
Prints Available               Farmers Market / Painted Poppies
Quantity                          3 Wraps
Dimensions                     8" H x 8" W / 12" H x 12" W / 12" H x 15" W

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