Swan Creek Candle Co. - French Lavender Lemonade

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Crisp, clean and refreshing - it’s like sunshine in your home! Sparkling, bright lemon is balanced with a soothing hint of lavender, the sweetness of coconut sugar and a tinge of mint. This floral spin on classic lemonade is sure to be the perfect break on a summer day.

The Timeless Glass Jar Candle Collection by Swan Creek Candle Co. is a medium sized jar filled with 100% American Soy Bean Wax. A wooden lid comes with every jar candle to ensure a beautiful farmhouse look. Each 12 oz jar candle has a 75+ hour burn time.

Item Specifications

Material Type                    100% American Soybean Wax
Burn Time                          75+ Hours

Dimensions                        5" H x 4" W
Weight                               12 oz
Country of Origin               USA

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