Mepra 24-Piece Cutlery Set - Sassonia

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Studio Tecnico Mepra designed an elegant and refined model called Sassonia. Features: substantially thicker gauged stainless steel, fork prongs are inside-machined for lifetime performance, knives with finely tooled serration for effortless cut. Dishwasher safe.

24-Piece Mepra Sassonia cutlery set.  This set is suitable for the dishwasher. All Mepra specifications are made of high-quality stainless steel (RVS) 18/10. Stainless steel is a form of high-alloy steel. This contains more than 5% of alloying elements and is very strong. As the name suggests, stainless steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion (rust). This property is due to the chemical compound that chromium enters into with oxygen. Because of this chemical compound, an oxide skin forms on the steel. By using high-quality stainless steel 18/10, the quality remains optimal, even with long-term and intensive use.

Item Specifications

Material                  Stainless Steel 18/10
Finish                      Shiny
Set Includes            6 Table Spoons
                               6 Table Forks
                               6 Table Knives
                               6 Coffee Spoons
Country of Origin   Italy

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